Monday, October 29, 2012

Which one Airbrush?

Hello all! :)

It is time to buy an airbrush, but I don't know which one?? :) Maybe you know which one will be good? :)

I need a good airbrush, but not the best, because first I need to learn paint with it :)

Please, if you use an airbrush, or maybe if you know something about it, please leave a comment which one is good and which do you suggest?

Thanks a lot!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Figure Art - An Artbook by Roman Lappat & Raffaele Picca


I just bought my copy of this amazing album!! Don't wait and support guys from Massive Voodoo!!!! :D




Monday, October 22, 2012

Death Korps of Krieg

Hello all :)

I'm spending time on my commissions, here you have one of theme :)

Death Korps of Krieg on eavy metal level :)

I hope that you like them :) I hope to paint one of them on my highest level one day, they are so cool! :)

New projects soon!

Edit: (How to paint  brown elements of coat :) for Volomir - Thanks for asking! :D )

Painted on black coat.
First layer is: Indian Flesh from P3
Next: Indian Flesh with Gun Corps Brown (P3 too) 50%/50%
Next: Gun Corps Brown only :)
Next: Gun Corps Brown and Desert Yellow from Vallejo Model Color (Amarillo Desierto 70977)
Next: Desert Yellow and Elf Flesh from GW, and next layers with more Elf Flesh, finally you can add some white on last layer :)
And there is some middle shades made with Bestial Brown from GW :)
Good luck! :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

Hellbrute auction reminder

Hi all!

it is last chance to buy Hellbrute from Dark Vengeance!

Here is the link to the auction! :) 

You are bidding this guy! :)  GOOD LUCK!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Hellbrute WIP pics, and New mini WIP.

Hello all! :)

Today I will show you what I changed on Hellbrute, and new Wip. The first thing I changed was the palp, which came out from his side. It doesn't  look good :)

So I cut it and do some pimples :) And little worms between pimples :)

And firstly base and banner was different, but banner was too big, and base didn't fit to him :)

So I changed base and banner :) I finnaly I add some more pimples, and I paint this nice model :)

And here you have a little WIP of my next mini from Dark Vengance :) I hope you like this wip :)

Next projects soon!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Something more from Hussar 2012 :)

Hello my dear friends! :)

On this post I would like to thank Michael Bartels aka Zaphod Beeblebrox, who came to Warsaw on Hussar 2012 with his entry and to do some photos. It was big pleasure to meet you man! :)

You all must check and subscribe his portal about painting miniatures. You can win some models from time to time, and it is just place "where we learn to be a better painter!" :D

You will find there report and pics from Hussar 2012, and from other events! Must check it! Here you have link to portal: MASTERMINIS.NET 

And now pic of Camelson with Nakatan, winner of Hussar 2012! One of best painter of this planet :) Photo by Zaphod of course! :D Thanks buddy! :D

NAKATAN and Camelson. 

Hussar 2012 pics and eBay auction!

Hello my dear friends! :)

It is time to show you what I painted for Hussar 2012 :)

I prepared two entries, Fantasy Sgl and Large.

Fantasy - Yarry from Enigma, a perfect mini from Enigma!! So great to paint :)
Large - Hellbrute from GW 40k new starter.

Hellbrute is for sale HERE.

But Yarry is for me! :) my first mini I will not sell :)

Here you have pics! I hope you like them :) please rate them and comment on my CMON here and here.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hussar 2012!

Hussar 2012 came to the past. It was really great event! Level of entries was on really high level! :) There was painters like Nakatan from Russia, Zaphod from Germany, Ana from Poland, also Lan, Ctan from FantasyGames, Artur, Karol Rudyk, Zgryd, Loler and many many more!

And of course Camelson! :D and as Judges were Bohun, Mahon and Flameon, and there was theirs minis to see too! :) So you can see that there were many great top painters :) Special thanks to Zaphod from for foto relations from Hussar 2012! :) (you must check and subscribe his blog!)

 Of course Thanks to Jon for organizations and for Bohun, Mahon and Flameon for judging. And finally congratulations to all winners, and specially to Nakatan for project "Last mistake of sergeant Joe" who won the Grand Prix and return ticket to CristalBrush 2013 founded by CoolMiniOrNot!

And here a GrandPrix work by Nakatan! :) "Last mistake of sergeant Joe"
Thanks all, and see you on Hussar 2013! :) cheeers!