Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goblin on Giant Squig

Hi folks,

I present you ready Giant Squig. I hope you like him! :)

It's a commission work.

Pics :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New W.I.P.

Hi all,

Here you have some pics of my new project. It's a base for Goblin on Giant Squig :)
It' a commission work.

Hope you like it. Ready mini tomorrow! :)


Monday, June 20, 2011


Hi folks!

I just finished a Deamonette between commissions :)

It's probably a 3rd or 4th Daemonette from my box of them, and there are a few more :)
But now I present you new Daemonette ;)

This mini is for sale! It can be yours, just bid it here!

And pics :) please leave your rate on CMON.

Hope you like her, any comments are welcome!


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Its's 8 am... And it's a day when I will finish my next mini. I need power, and inspirations :)
First power! Some music... hmm, let's try this one! :D

It's Hemp Gru - Droga

Yeeeeeeessss Polish HipHop, I love this music! :D

Droga - Way. It's song about lifestyle and about ways which we pick in our lifes. It's really powerful!

And some inspiration for my new project :) Its a Kai's Daemonette, I think the best Daemonette on CMON!!

Just take a look - Daemonette by kai

And now I can start to work! :D oh no! Breakfast first! :D

Have a nice day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tutorial - building base for GK Terminator.

Hi friends!

It's my first tutorial. Simple but helpful I hope. :)

Remember, you will use a sharp tools, keep safety!

To build that base you will need:

- Terminator Base
- Cork
- Some small rocks
- Piece of plasticard
- Small branch
- Some bids
- Sand
- Wood glue
- And any strong glue (superglue)
- Tools like modeling knife
- And smile :D

1. First step: prepare the base and stick a pieces of cork. You can use a modeling knife to do that. Remember, keep safety!

Like that :)

2. Next step: Now we will make a floor for our miniature :) I made it with plasticard.

Plasticard is the best stuff for things like that :)
Just cut piece and stick it with cork.

I did it like that :)

3. Next step: And now some fun! :D you can put on your base everything what you want! :D
You can use stuff from recipe: Some small rocks, small branch and some bids :)
I used that things with GK bids.
I used for that strong glue.

It's something like that :)

And other side.

4. Next step: Last thing we must do is glue some sand. I used wood glue for that and it looks like that :)

5. Finally ready base! :)

My version looks like that:

I know thats Calgars legs, but I will converted them on GKs :)

Thanks for attention, and I hope that this tutorial will be useful. :)

Soon next tutorials, this time some painting! :D


Thursday, June 16, 2011

New pics of Space Wolf - eBay auction!

Hi folks!

I made new pics of my Space Wolf :) you can bid it here!

New background, new camera and colours are mor juicy :)

Let me know what do you think!


Fine or Fail?

Hi mates!

Some time ago I bought GK Lord Kaldor Draigo Citadel FineCast. I was very excited, because it is something new. I read earlier that Finecast minis are not best quality, but I decided to wait with opinion until buy any Finecast.

And came the day when Finecast mini arrived.

First view - hmmm... looks ok!

But when you look closer, fineparts appear. :)

First banner - little holes on top of banner. Ok its on top, and its banner I thought - no problem, some GS and will be OK! :D

But next part truly hit me!
Eeee what?
Check this out!

It is a really big hole! Banners holes are nothing - compared with that!

Thank God it was the biggest and last hole.

Next holes are really small, but invidious. A sword without top?
And that really thin shoulderpad. heh...

Last thing what makes me bad are junctions... this one with thin shoulderpad and next with shield are really annoying. Just take a look.

Rest parts are tolerable, rest is really fine ;)
But in sum, GW should give a little of GreenStuff to every set of FineCast minis :)

I hope that in the future FineCast will be better, but now I miss fullmetal miniatures :(


And finally I will show you a little of my next project on eBay.
Do you know what will stand on that? :P

Soon more! :D


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daemonette second view, with... hmm :D

Hi all,

Today I'm painting Chaos girl, and someone start to flirt with her! :D
Do you know him?? He's repeating all the time "YO MAMA!" :D

Soon more pics!



Bravo!! Girls run!! :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Camera and some WIP's :)

Hi folks!

The time has come when I have to start take pics of minis myslef :)
My friend Orkish from WRF studio took pics so far. But when everyone from WRF started to work alone I decided to buy a camera and start to learn - shooting pics! :D
Thanks dude for all these pics you did! :D

Huh, its really hard to take a good pic! I made some pics of my WIP's and of my last paints. :)

I dont have any good background yet, but I will have soon! :)

Here you have some of firsts pics! :)


Space Wolf and Goblin :)

First WIP - Space Marine Captain :)

And second WIP - Daemonette with staff :)

More - soon! ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goblin Standard Bearer commission - pics.

Hi all!

I'm painted Goblin Standard Bearer like one of 3 Goblins from Hussar 2010. :)

Hope you will like him!:)


Goblin Standard Bearer.

Black backgroung.