Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gold True Metalic Tutorial on Angron.

Hello my dear ladies and gentlemen! Painters!

 Today I will show you how I paint a True Gold Metalic. 

But first I want to boast a little :)
Finally Camelson is in the first hundred on CoolMiniOrNot! :)
93rd place at this moment :) YEAH! :D

Ok, go back to tutorial :D
 It is very simple tutorial step by step, but effect is on highest level :) 
 This is only Gold tutorial, the beauty of mini you will see when it will be finished :)

 Let's start! To paint True Gold Metalic like Camelson you will need paints:
 - Vallejo Model Color Laton Brass 70801
 - Citadel Bestial Brown or Mournfang Brown (new GW's paint)
 - Citadel Rhinox Hide
 - Citadel Sotek Green 
 - Any black paint :)
 - Any white paint :)
 - Citadel Elf Flesh 
 - And old Citadel INK Chestnut Ink. But you can replace it with  Devlan Mud wash also from GW. Techniques I used: Drybrush, Washing, Glazing and also simple painting :)

 Step 1.
 Prepare model to paint and basecoat. I always use Black spray from Citadel - Chaos Black. 

Step 2. 
 First layer: painting whole mini with Rhinox Hide. 

Step 3.
 Simple wash with Black paint, proportions about 25% Paint 75% water. Thoroughly whole mini. 

Step 4. 
 When wash is dry, we will use Gold paint first time :) it is thin, gently layer of gold, I made it with drybrush method. 

Step 5.
 Now we wash whole mini with mix of black and bestial brown 50-50% :) and 25% Paint mix and 75% water. 

Step 6. 
Next step is hard drybrush with only gold paint :) Thoroughly on whole mini! :) 

Step 7. 
 Now is first shading with Bestial Brown, on pic you can see what areas of armour were glazed :) 30% paint and 70% water. 

Step 8. 
Another glaze with Bestial Brown, and another with Rhinox Hide. You must do deeper shades. Few layers. 

Step 9. 
 And more shades with Rhinox Hide, and Black Paint. 

Step 10. 
 Now I used Chestnut Ink from GW, it is really old, so probably lot of you don't get this one :) but don't panic :D you can use new wash Devlan Mud with drop of water :) 

Step 11. 
 Now after washing we must do a Black Lining. You must gently do a thin line with black paint, everywhere where you must separate every single parts of mini :)
 Compare pictures from last step with pictures from this step :) it is big difference :) 

 Also on this step before black lining, I blend some Strek Green on corners of shoulder pads, and in middle shades. It is good colors saturation :) 
And also little battle damages on shoulder pads. 

Step 12.
 Here we will do last shades with Rhino Hide and black paints. 

Step 13. 
Now we start to do edges of Gold Armour with Elf Flesh. Every edge and areas near black lining, we must made a thin line with Elf flash. Also battle damage :) 

Step 14.
 This is last step when we correct edges. Also on highest points of armour and rivets we must do a little point of white paint to highlight armour :) This is finish of the armour by Camelson. :) 


 Thanks for reading! :)

 If you like it, please share it with friends, and everywhere where you can! :) That is all for a now :) 
 Finnal effect when whole mini will be painted will be much better :) I still learning to do Tutorials, so please be gently :) 

Thanks all, This mini will be ready in few days! :) 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dark Angels Deathwings Terminator is for sale! eBay auction.

Hi all!! :)

 Dark Angels Deathwings Terminator is for sale!

Good luck with bidding!! :)

New minis soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

First mini in 2013 Dark Angels Terminator.

Hello all!! :)

everything the best in 2013! :)

And here you have first mini in this year! :)

Dark Andels Deathwing Terminator. I hope that you like him! :)
This mini is for sale! mail me if you are interested :)
CMON link

New minis soon! :)