Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blood Angels Sanguin Guards by WRF for sale!! :D

Blood Angels Sanguin Guards by WRF for sale!! :D
So dont wait and bit it here! :D
Pics of whole unit below.

Slaanesh army commission finally done! :D

I finally done commission work for my friend from UK. Slaanesh army on a heavy metal level. It was a really pink painting :D
Hope you like it! :)
Some pics below.
Cheers my friends!

Cheers! :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warsaw Painters Meeting :)

On Saturday 08.05.2010 in Warsaw was a first painters meeting in this year :)
There was a lot of amazing painters like Bohun or Przemo, and we can admire theirs beautiful minis.
More on the photos made by Maru.
Cheers all! Soon next meeting! :D

From the left: Sadziu, Bohun, Smok, Camelson, Bilbo, Przemo... and Maru who was photographer :D

Przemos minis from Enigma and Games Workshop :)

Smoks Orc :)

And Bohuns new FW Avatar WIP :D its amazing as always! :D