Thursday, August 15, 2013

Golden Demon Germany Cologne 2013 my entries.

Hello my friends! :)

Last weekend was Golden Demon Germany Cologne 2013.
From Poland were 8 painters :) Karol Rudyk, Adam "Loler" Hałon, Piotr Karpiński, Michał Orzeł, Łukasz "C'tan" Grzyb, Michał "Zgryd" Jankiewicz, Michał "Lan" Pisarski and me Jarosław "Camelson" Drabek :)

We got 7 Demons and 13 Finalists :)

I got 3 finalists for:

Skink Priest in Single Fantasy Category
Eldar Wraithblade in Large Model 40k
Angel of Redemption in Open Category

Feel free to rate and comment on my CMON! :)
Skink CMON, Eldar CMON, Angel CMON

And some pics! :D

Soon new projects!