I'm painting minis for several years. I'm getting better from day to day. Inspire me artists like Akaranseth, Minty, Volomir, Bohun, Ana, Amon Chakai, Artur, Kai and many more.
It is hard to say how much I rate for mini, because every single mini is different.
If you are interested just mail me and I'm sure we come to terms! :)



If you like my minis, and if you want to have minis or armies painting by me, you can always mail me. I will be glad to paint something for you :)

My working system:
-If it possible I always take commission.
-You send me miniatures, bases (if you want to have ready bases, or I can made a custom base for you), and everything what yopu want to have on minis.
-I always take a prepayment. This payment will not be refounded if you decide to cancel commission in half way.
-Prepayment is from 20% to 50% it depends on commission.
-I always need from 2weeks to couple of months, and it depends on commission.

When I finish my job, I will take a pics, and will send to you to confirm. After that I will wait for rest of payment, and will send a package in 3-5days.

I always send packages with normal Post Office, but if you want I can send by courier.
Shipping cost for Post office is from 15 - 25 Euro (20 - 40$ USD)
Cost include boxes, envelope and sponge and soft paper.

If you have any questions, or idea, just mail me! :)

Cheers! ;)