About me.

Hi All.
My name is Jerry but friends call me Camelson. I am a painter from Poland. Paint since 2006. I am a WhiteRavenFactory Studio member. Check my coolmini gallery! Enjoy my blog! :D

I'm still painting, about 6-8h a day. Rest of time i spend with my beautiful girl, and my friends. What is better than mug of beer after long day painting?! :D

I participated competitions and won follow trophys:

Slayer of Demon 2009:
-Silver in Monster/Machina category for Drednought.

Grey Seer Gorzów 2010:
-Silver in SGL Fantasy category for Gandalf.
-Silver in SGL Sci-Fi category for Ultra Space Marine.
-Silver in Open category for Avalonian Bust.
-Gold in Large category for El Torres.
-Best Of Show for El Torres.

Hussar 2010:
-Gold in SGL Fantasy category for Sigmar Priest.
-Silver in SGL Sci-Fi category for Space Wolf Terminator.
-Finalist in Diorama/Unit category for Goblins Unit.

Master of Imagination 2010
-Sgl Sci-fi finalost

Games Day Golden Demon Germany 2011
-Gold in Duel category
-Silver in 40k Sgl category

Grey Seer 2011
-Silver Sgl Fantasy
-Finalist Sgl Sci Fi


I accept commissions, but about this you can read here. :)

Enyoj my Blog, and have a nice day! ;)

Its meeeeeee! :D