Friday, April 23, 2010

German Orc Heads in Helmets from Kromlech .eu

On the Kromlech website appeared a new stuff! :)
Firstly a "mechanical" beast - Clanking Destroyer! It is awesome mechanical dude with big gun and big blade :) soon painted by me! :P

And also appeared "German Orc Heads in Helmets" painted by me :D
Orcs head are really awesome! Check it below! WAAAAGH!!

Soon new mini and news! :D
Cheers all!


  1. Have you painted any other Kromlech stuff?

  2. Yes. I'm painting Clanking Destroyer and other bits :)

  3. I meant other than the Clanking Destroyer, lol. How about the PA arms, legs, torsos, or whatever? Or something new that we don't know about yet?

  4. I painted one of the claw arms, although I doubt my painting is as good as yours.

    You can see mine here.

  5. It is nice, byt stuff that I painted was in nmm. I think it will be soon on kromlech www.