Monday, October 29, 2012

Which one Airbrush?

Hello all! :)

It is time to buy an airbrush, but I don't know which one?? :) Maybe you know which one will be good? :)

I need a good airbrush, but not the best, because first I need to learn paint with it :)

Please, if you use an airbrush, or maybe if you know something about it, please leave a comment which one is good and which do you suggest?

Thanks a lot!


  1. Hi,

    I use an Evolution two in one from Harder & Steenbeck, it's not very expensive and good quality. You can find all the spare parts if needed.

    I've also read good reviews about Krome from Badger but I didn't tried it.

  2. bought my first airbrush beginning of the year, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2 in 1.

    I am very pleased and can recommend it.

  3. had a very good review on what to get.. i went with his advice, and never looked back.

  4. I'm going to buy a new one too. And after reading the same in different places to many different (and good) painters I just decided to buy the Harder & Steenbeck's Evolution

    >> <<

    The one in the firts picture.

    By the way, you should buy one compressor WITH TANK. I bought a cheap one on ebay
    ( ) ( )
    and it works well.

  5. I have an Iwata Neo from Hobby Lobby. Cheap, reliable, easy to clean, and comes with two cup sizes. Much better than the cheap eBay airbrush I had. Also a compressor with a tank is a must. Check out tool shops for small air compressors. They are the same thing as "airbrush" compressors, for much less. Just be sure to get a water trap and air regulator.

  6. I can only repeat what the other's said: Haarder & Steenbeck's Evolution Silverline or Silverline 2-in-1.

    I got three of them and I am very happy with them :)

    On the compressors: If you don't carry it around much, an oil-based compressor is MUUUUUUCH quieter. Non-Oil based ones start at around 38dB-48dB and that can get very loud. Non-oil based ones are much cheaper, though.

    1. what compressor are u using ?

  7. W tej chwili używam H&S Infinity ,ale przed długi czas miałem H&S Ultra .Jest relatywnie niedrogi i dobry do nauki.Jedynym minusem wg.mnie jest splatter cap który w tym modelu powoduje że dość ciężko czyści się iglicę.Jeśli masz możliwość zainwestuj w H&S Evolution . Jeśli dobrze pamiętam to posiada on regulację plamki i można w nim wymieniać podzespoły, co później się przydaje.
    Co do kompresora, koniecznie ze zbiornikiem.Niestety z braku funduszy swego czasu kupiłem bez i teraz żałuję bo model ze zbiornikiem o wiele rzadziej się przegrzewa przy dłuższej pracy.
    Mam nadzieję że pomogłem.Pozdrowienia,

  8. Thank you all of you! :) I think you all talk probalby about the same airbrus, so it must be really good one :)
    I think I will buy it. Thank you all for your answers! :)

    Soon some new projects, and maybe a tutorial ^^


  9. EBAY.... I got 3 Badger brushes for $100 on Ebay. you can get real good deals. I recommend H&S, Iwata, Badger. Its all about comfort. I started with Iwata, and now use Badger. I went to my local shop and actually touched every airbrush they had. When I got the badgers from ebay I fell in love with the weight and function as its more suited to my style. And best yet is I sold my Iwata for the price of the 3 badgers. so I was out NO MONEY. I have a Vega (small cup is only complaint) 100SG, and 100LG from ebay and I have also bought a Sotar. I can do everything within my skills and get good results. it may take a little time to get the "right fit" but when you do it all just clicks and you'll never look back.

  10. I have a Harder and Steenbeck Evolution 2 in 1. It's amazing but I think one of the reasons I appreciate it so much is because I started with a very cheap eBay airbrush? Anyway the plus points for H&S for me are the fact it's beautifully made and very easy to take apart, clean and put back together again. No-one tells you that half of owning an airbrush is the cleaning!

  11. Hi, Ive been custom painting motorcycles for years and starting using my airbrushes on minis for the last year or so. I have four iwata airbrushes and love them. The micron c is high dollar but you can really pinpoint where the paint goes. For basic layout, the eclipse is great. Theyre all metal, so they hold up great. Had mine for eight years with no problems. Hope that helps.

  12. I'm in the same boat, emailed a few airbrush stores, they all think an Iwata HPC Plus (HPCP) is a pretty good way to go..

  13. I've always had a Harder and Steenbeck Evolution 2 in 1. Never had the sensation that I needed anything else. Perfect quality, durability and precision. 6 years of painting are behind my choice. And many more to follow.

  14. hey,

    lester here has some interesting stuff to say about ABs, as I am looking to get into airbrushing I found it helpful:

  15. Any of the good brands will give you a good airbrush. Anything from Iwata, Harder&Steinbeck or badger. No need to overspend either as for our purpose a entry level is normally enough. I own two badgers, patriot 105 and Krome and can highly recommend both. If you know someone in the US that is probably your best bet and you can get them really cheap. My patriot cost me ~£35 and the Krome ~£75. The 2in1 airbrushes are normally a good deal since they allow you to change from basecoats to fine detail. Just remember you will suck at first, specially when you can achieve the quality of painting of a golden daemon with a brush. Prepare yourself for frustration and loads of practice to get any good at it