Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hussar 2012!

Hussar 2012 came to the past. It was really great event! Level of entries was on really high level! :) There was painters like Nakatan from Russia, Zaphod from Germany, Ana from Poland, also Lan, Ctan from FantasyGames, Artur, Karol Rudyk, Zgryd, Loler and many many more!

And of course Camelson! :D and as Judges were Bohun, Mahon and Flameon, and there was theirs minis to see too! :) So you can see that there were many great top painters :) Special thanks to Zaphod from for foto relations from Hussar 2012! :) (you must check and subscribe his blog!)

 Of course Thanks to Jon for organizations and for Bohun, Mahon and Flameon for judging. And finally congratulations to all winners, and specially to Nakatan for project "Last mistake of sergeant Joe" who won the Grand Prix and return ticket to CristalBrush 2013 founded by CoolMiniOrNot!

And here a GrandPrix work by Nakatan! :) "Last mistake of sergeant Joe"
Thanks all, and see you on Hussar 2013! :) cheeers!

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