Friday, October 12, 2012

Hellbrute WIP pics, and New mini WIP.

Hello all! :)

Today I will show you what I changed on Hellbrute, and new Wip. The first thing I changed was the palp, which came out from his side. It doesn't  look good :)

So I cut it and do some pimples :) And little worms between pimples :)

And firstly base and banner was different, but banner was too big, and base didn't fit to him :)

So I changed base and banner :) I finnaly I add some more pimples, and I paint this nice model :)

And here you have a little WIP of my next mini from Dark Vengance :) I hope you like this wip :)

Next projects soon!


  1. Fantastic work on that Dark Vengeacne sergeant. Love the way you paint those yellow clothes. Just now I'm trying to finish my version of CHaplain Seraphicus and yours is great inspiration for me. Thanx for sharing, man!


  2. Its amazing, how little changes on the Hellbrute altered the final appearance. Great job.

    And your new mini... *drooool* We need to paint together some day ;)

  3. How do you do those beautiful robes - such a rich yet natural colour!

    Brilliant as always - looking forward to the hellbrute!