Monday, October 22, 2012

Death Korps of Krieg

Hello all :)

I'm spending time on my commissions, here you have one of theme :)

Death Korps of Krieg on eavy metal level :)

I hope that you like them :) I hope to paint one of them on my highest level one day, they are so cool! :)

New projects soon!

Edit: (How to paint  brown elements of coat :) for Volomir - Thanks for asking! :D )

Painted on black coat.
First layer is: Indian Flesh from P3
Next: Indian Flesh with Gun Corps Brown (P3 too) 50%/50%
Next: Gun Corps Brown only :)
Next: Gun Corps Brown and Desert Yellow from Vallejo Model Color (Amarillo Desierto 70977)
Next: Desert Yellow and Elf Flesh from GW, and next layers with more Elf Flesh, finally you can add some white on last layer :)
And there is some middle shades made with Bestial Brown from GW :)
Good luck! :)



  1. Well done Camelson! Keep on working :)

  2. Amazing work!! I love the colours!!! (as much as I love Krieg, you already know jaja). Can you share your recipe of those beautiful browns Camelson? Looking forward to seeing your Krieg painted to your best level! The buyer must be very happy!

  3. Love them, Camelson (but I'm still waiting for Dark Vengeance sergeant :)! Keep on painting & sharing!

  4. wow! love mood and tone of this unit, great job :)

  5. Thanks guys! :D it is always pleasure to see your comments! :)