Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some news :)

Hi all! :)

News 1.

a few days ago I asked you who want a tutorial about Metalics by Camelson :) and many of you wrote to me that you want :)

So I can tell you that I will make a video clip about metalics, and I will show you on King Maulg's axe how I paint metalics :)
It will be ready on first week of May.

I know that I made a trailer about video before, but unfortunately I lost materials and I decided to do it other time, and now it is a time :)

News 2.

this weekend I will update next part of SM tutorial - base :)

News 3.

If someone is wondering whether to buy some finecast space wolfs you can check a review about this stuff on Daith's blog. Click here.

News 4.

New minis on ebay soon! :P

thanks for reading ;)


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