Friday, March 23, 2012

How to paint space marine? Tutorial #2

Hi my friends! :)

As I promised I give to you a tutorial: How to paint Space Marine by Camelson. It is a plastic kit mini from Games Workshop Warhammer 40k world.

I cut it for 4 parts:

- Armour: shades and highlights
- Battle Damage
- Face
- Base

Today I want to present you second part: Base.

It is a simple tutorial which will show you how in simple way paint nicely a Base for minis.

To do base like mine you will need a base :) some cork, wood glue, some sand and some bits you want.

Part 2.


to paint my base I used follow paints:(CB) Chaos Black from GW, (GE) Graveyard Earth from GW, (EF) Elf Flesh from GW, (LT) Light Turquise from Vallejo Model Color, (DY) Desert Yellow from Vallejo Model Color, (SL) Snakebite Leather from GW,(BBW) Badab Black Wash from GW, (GCB) Gun Corps Brown from P3 Privateer Press.

Step one: Build a base :) I bild something like that. After building I put a white base coat.

Next step: first layer - consistency 50% paint - 50% water, 25% CB, 25% GCB, 50% water.

Next step: wash with Badab Black Wash from GW. (wash whole base)

Next step: first deep shade with CB paint 80% paint - 20% water. I left some lighter place in middle of the base - highlight.

Next step: first highlights with drybrush technique using GE.

Next step: another wash with mix - 30% CB paint 50% BBW, 20% water. Wash on whole base.

Next step: blending on highlights with SL 60% paint - 40% water. It will be look something like this :)

Next step: I put some more colours to revive the base :) I used a LT paint with glase technique. I put some paint in random places :) like on pic below :)

Next step: and more LT and another wash with BBW, CB and water on whole base. but with more water.

Next step: when wash dry, I did a drybrush on whole base with DY.

Next step: I paint details, here skulls and bottle. and highlights with drybrush with EF paint.
Skulls painted with CB, Codex Grey, W.
First layer CG with CB 50%-50%, next more CG, and paint to the white highlights.
I will do a tutorial "how to paint skulls" :)

Finally base with mini. You can do a stronger blends with LT or another colours to revive base.

End of part 2 - Base

It was second part of tutorial How to paint a Space Marine.

Next parts:
- Battle Damage
- Face

SOON!! :)

I hope you like it!


  1. Tak, mi się podoba. Jak i cała twórczość.
    Szkoda tylko, że blog jest po angielsku.
    Przy okazji: gdzie zdobyć czaszki (w 28mm)?

  2. czaszki są z boxa Zombie Dragona tam jest duzo takich pierdół :)
    kupuje tez na eBayu bitsiki i mozna znaleźć czaszki :)

  3. you can continue the tutorials?
    it is very intresting and it is very good job