Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to paint space marine? Tutorial #1

Hi my friends! :)

As I promised I give to you a tutorial: How to paint Space Marine by Camelson. It is a plastic kit mini from Games Workshop Warhammer 40k world.

I cut it for 4 parts:

- Armour: shades and highlights
- Battle Damage
- Face
- Base

Today I want to present you first part: Armour: shades and highlights.

It is a simple tutorial which will show you how in simple way paint nicely a Space Marine (and not only space marine :D )

To paint Space Marines like mine, you will need a Space Marine (SM), paints, water, a piece of paper (to clean your brushes), bruses and music you like! :)
Also you will need somethink to drink, but not alcohol, because it is not a friend of painting :D

Part 1.

Armour: shades and highlights.

I used follow paints: (CB) Chaos Black from GW, (RT) Rotting Flesh from GW (mid higlights but really little, you don't need that one indeed ;) ), (EF) Elf Flesh from GW, (LT) Light Turquise from Vallejo Model Color, (DY) Desert Yellow from Vallejo Model Color, and of course white paint (W) :)

First what I did was put a basecoat on mini. I used Skull White spray from GW.

Next step was a firs coat of paint, it was a mix of Chaos Black (CB) and Light Turquoise (LT): 80% LT - 20% CB. I used airbrush.

Next step: airbrushing mini with clean LT, but not on whole mini but more on top. This way you have first little shade. It is hard to see, but in real you will can see shades :)

Next step: a coat of mix LT 80% with DY 20%. Also more on top :)

Next step: first shade, it was a wash made from CB paint, 85% water and 15% paint. I did it with glase technique, two layers are enough for now :)

Next step: another coat with air brush mix LT 60% DY 20% and EF 20%

Next step: another shade the same wash and also two layers :)

Next step: Black lining, wherever you can you must do a black lining, every fold, joints on the sholderpads :) just do a thin black line :) just like on pics :)

Next step: edges of shoulder pads, and tips of boots, belt :) I painted first layer with Codex Grey (CG) 80% with CB 20%.

Next step: first shades of grey parts, just mix water with CB like on shades on armour and do the same glasing :) of course wherever it should be :)

Next step: more high lights on armour and grey parts.
On armour highlights was made with mixing of LT 60% and W 40%, on grey parts first higlights was with clean CG.

Next step: more high lights, but this time really high :) armour mix 70% W and 30% LT, and of course did like on shades, with glases. And you repeat this untill you will be satisfied. On grey parts the same glases but with mix CG 50% W 50%.

And you must repeat all this things until the satisfaction. It depends on you how light your mini will be. The same with shades. You can use more dark paints to do shades.

Here you have my armour before battle damege and details. Last highlights i was glasing with clean white paint, both on armour and grey parts. and dont forget to do shades :)

End of part 1.

It was first part of tutorial How to paint a Space Marine.

Next parts:
- Battle Damage
- Face
- Base

SOON!! :)

I hope you like it!


  1. Great piece of knowledge. Cant wait to see next part :)

  2. Very nice tutorial. The only thing I miss is a pic of the paint consistency of a glaze, being so important in the process.

    If you could add it to the tutorial, it would be perfect and complete ¡

  3. Why pinkish weapons? Did he stole them from Hello Kitty? :)

  4. @MrDSyzio: Yea he did! :D

    @Khagrgrim: I will do add! :) thanks! It is important, I'm so lame! :P


  5. Outstanding tutorial! Will we see the Battle Damage and Face tutorials anytime soon? I have been eagerly waiting ever since you posted this. :) Aloha

  6. I will update it soon :)

  7. Awesome! Great job, could you please post the tutorial on how to make battle damage?

  8. Thank you so MUCH Camelson, I have just started painting and found this site via coolmini, your mini's are amazing!
    I would love to see the next tutorials please!

  9. Agreed, very helpful information. Are the battle damage and faces linked elsewhere on your site?

  10. What do you mean by glazing the highlights on, and do you have a link for the battle damage and rest?