Monday, August 15, 2011

Orcsssssss Slaver! Grey Seer 2011.

Hi folks!

Last week was Games Day Germany, and a week later was Grey Seer Gorzów 2011. Of course I can't miss that, first because I really like that competition, but first of all because of people who were there. :)

Of course I always must start with something new, and because a GD preparing I have only 2 days to paint something for Grey Seer :)

And here you have: Orc Slaver painted in one day :)
It was a quick paintjob, but I'm very happy with effects. Judge it yourself :)

Here you have a pics. And CMON link for rate :)

This mini is for sale, you can bid it HERE.

Thanks to Slavol, Mahoń, Kacpero for judging, Ana, Przemo for classes, and for Edwin, Smok and mr_Denial for trip! :D
Congrats for all who won and who started in that competition! :)

See U all on Hussar 2011!



  1. yyyeeeaaa.. ;D
    there was great...
    I hope to go next year, but first we (all the people you wrote) should see at husar...


  2. Hey, simple, but great mini. Like the desaturated skin color. :)

    kind Regards, Solmar