Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GD Germany 2011 write-up.

Hi friends!

Finally I have time to write something more about my trip to the Games Day Germany 2011, Köln. I was there with my friends Flameon and Zgryd. We had a loooong trip in the bus, really tiring trip, but when we were in Köln, everything became great! :)

Like every propainter we was finishing ours entries in hotel day before GD :)
Zgryd and Flameon on the pic.

I love RedBull Cola :D

Unfortunately we didn't go on the Painters Dinner, because we could not find the place, and when we finally found it, it was to late. :P
But we met them all on next day on Games Day! :)

We want to officially thanks to Matt Cexwish for the time that he spend with us. It was really nice from his site that he introduce us with all famouse painters on GD.
BIG thanks Matt!

It is 10 a.m. on 08.07.2011... aaaaaand GO, GO, GO! :D

Games Day is finally open for everyone! We are quickly go to entry our minis, and... WOW! there are a LOT OF WORKS already?? It was really amazing to see all those works in real. Every single miniature from Golden Demon was amazing! every work! Very hihg level :)
We leave ours entrys and we went to Games Day! :)

It was really lots of things and rooms with miniatures, competitions, cabinets, books everything! Really amazing experience!

When abou 4 p.m. I heard my name from speakers, I asked Matt what's happen? He told me "probably you win something".
And I was in heaven! :P

Finally I won Gold Demon for Duel, Silver Demon dor Nurgle Lord, and nothing for Arwen :P

Pics are below and here you can rate the Arwen, Duel and Nurgle on cmon. :)

Congratulations for Matt Cexwish for amazing work which won a Slayer Sword! really amazing stuff!!!!!!! Here you have a presentation of that work.
Congratz Matt!!

And here you heve a Matt Cexwish Slayer Sword presentation.

Thanks for Zgryd and Flameon who was going with me, for Matt for time on Games Day, for my friends who supports me.
And special thanks to my beautiful girlfriend for patience and love! :*

And now enjoy! :)



Nurgle Lord


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