Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After GD Germany 2011.

Hi all!

I just come back from Golden Demon Germany 2011, and I'm very very veeeerryyy haaaapppyyyy because I won Gold ans Silver Demon. :)

Gold - Duel category
Silver - 40k single category.

I'm so tired but very excited! It was so great experience, organization was on the highest level. Everything so so sooo great!

And huge thanks for Matt Cexwish, for the time which he spent with us, thanks for showing us everything, thanks for introduce to all famous painters, and thanks thanks thanks mate!

And BIG congratulations for Slayer Sword, it was best paintjob I have ever seen! Congratulations! Sword was wainting for you! :)

Now I'm going to celebrate my Demons with friends :) I will update more pics tomorrow.



  1. Good Job Mate ! I knew You won't come empty handed

    Once again great job !

  2. Like i said trolls will get gold at least!

  3. Braaawoo Stary! Who's the MAN? You're the MAN! :D

  4. Congratulations dude ;)
    You did an awesome paintwork :)