Thursday, December 13, 2012

Small meeting of great painters!

Hello my friends! :)

Last day was a good day, with my friends I organized a small meeting of painters :)
There was only 5 painters, but what painters!? :D

On meeting was Matt Cexwish, Bohun, Frost with his wife Tula and of course Camelson! :D
Matt  visiting his family in Warsaw, and it was a great chance to meet him in my city! :)

We went to small pub, drank some shots of Polish Vodka and we talked a few hours about painting minis! :P

Bohun show us some of his works Space Wolf, model from Kabuki Models, and his unit of
Lamenters Assault squad! JUICY! :D

And greetings (from left) Bohun, Tula, Frost, Matt Cexwish, Camelson took a picture ;)

Matt Massive Voodoo represent! and Bohun

Thanks friends for this small meeting! :D

See you soon!



  1. Always nice when these things happen. Congrats!

  2. NOW I know why I sensed a fluctuation in the painting force... The light side was gathering! :D

    I want to be a great painter too, so I can join you some day :P

  3. But you are a great painter, and greater miniatures world builder! :) And of course you are always welcome in Warsaw! :D
    Force will be with you... always! :D