Saturday, December 22, 2012

Painting Revolution secret :)

Hello my friends!

I was talking with Zaphod last night when Revolution finally started!
And he told me a secret about Revolution and now I will tell it to YOU!! :D

Well, of course I have to see how successful we are but here is a Little secret:

You all know he won't take any money from this.
So where monies will go?
- 16% go to charity
- 42% go to Profit share for my employees and new Jobs
- 42% go back to the community: Painters, sculptors and so on...

Also here is an awesome information for all painters, gamers, sculptors and for whole world!
Zaphod and friends want to build a Miniatures Museum in Berlin and there will be a full Rackham collection painted... 

What about that?? :)

Of course it is a little percent of Revolution!!!

More informations and secrets soon!! :D

Check for new Videos and info! Also be ready and check tomorrow a place of Revolution!! :D

And here you have pic of First Product!


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