Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still failcast?

Hi all,

I just start work with Logan Grimnar to Space Wolfs.
I really hope that faincast became a little better, but I'm afraid... it's not.

Just take a look.


  1. You should exchange the model until you get a good one.

    1. I select from several, and I take the best one. I need it now. I can not have certainty that GW send me a good sculp... so you know, I can exchange it over and over again.

  2. That is why I am afraid to buy anything from Finecast. My Isabella was not tragic, but far from perfect.

  3. Żal.Wątpię że kiedykolwiek się to poprawi.Ludzie musieliby przestać kupować failcasty żeby GW się obudziło a to raczej nie nastąpi...

  4. If GW keeps moving more and more models to the Finecast range, more and more painters will move away from GW...

    I haven't touched Finecast since my experience with it last year...

    What I also hate is that a lot of GW fanboys keep saying "the new releases tend to be better", forget it, this product still has the same issues it had in the beginning.

  5. Yeh its not good enough. The quality control on the product is a real mixed bag! I agree with you, its not good enough to pay for something that you then have to muck around waiting for it to be replaced, and the replacement may not be any good either. They've gotta sort this out. I've had the same discussion with my local GW store, and they keep insisting its less than 1% - i imagine a lot of people just don't bother returning it, instead fixing it themselves. Good luck!

  6. Oh my god... what a ton of shit :( Finecast is really really bad :(