Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grey Knights Terminator painted.

Hello all! :)

I present you a Grey Knights Terminator :)
Painted in True Metalics, I hope you like him :)
This mini is of course for sale! :)
on eBay HERE!

Cheers! :)

Click on pic for bigger photo.


  1. Hi! I really like the metalics on this mini, especialy the glazes on the legs and the blade of the sword. Amazing job on the OSL!

  2. Hi, I know this is a pretty old thread and I'm sure you don't want to give all your secrets. But I was on CMON and found this mini, and I've been trying my hand at NMM, but it's too time consuming and I don't like the way it looks with silver. Is there anyway you might share you technique for silver? Maybe a short tutorial?