Friday, June 17, 2011

Tutorial - building base for GK Terminator.

Hi friends!

It's my first tutorial. Simple but helpful I hope. :)

Remember, you will use a sharp tools, keep safety!

To build that base you will need:

- Terminator Base
- Cork
- Some small rocks
- Piece of plasticard
- Small branch
- Some bids
- Sand
- Wood glue
- And any strong glue (superglue)
- Tools like modeling knife
- And smile :D

1. First step: prepare the base and stick a pieces of cork. You can use a modeling knife to do that. Remember, keep safety!

Like that :)

2. Next step: Now we will make a floor for our miniature :) I made it with plasticard.

Plasticard is the best stuff for things like that :)
Just cut piece and stick it with cork.

I did it like that :)

3. Next step: And now some fun! :D you can put on your base everything what you want! :D
You can use stuff from recipe: Some small rocks, small branch and some bids :)
I used that things with GK bids.
I used for that strong glue.

It's something like that :)

And other side.

4. Next step: Last thing we must do is glue some sand. I used wood glue for that and it looks like that :)

5. Finally ready base! :)

My version looks like that:

I know thats Calgars legs, but I will converted them on GKs :)

Thanks for attention, and I hope that this tutorial will be useful. :)

Soon next tutorials, this time some painting! :D



  1. Looks nice thanks for sharing :)

  2. Very nice tutorial.
    Are you up to do more tutorials in next time?