Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fine or Fail?

Hi mates!

Some time ago I bought GK Lord Kaldor Draigo Citadel FineCast. I was very excited, because it is something new. I read earlier that Finecast minis are not best quality, but I decided to wait with opinion until buy any Finecast.

And came the day when Finecast mini arrived.

First view - hmmm... looks ok!

But when you look closer, fineparts appear. :)

First banner - little holes on top of banner. Ok its on top, and its banner I thought - no problem, some GS and will be OK! :D

But next part truly hit me!
Eeee what?
Check this out!

It is a really big hole! Banners holes are nothing - compared with that!

Thank God it was the biggest and last hole.

Next holes are really small, but invidious. A sword without top?
And that really thin shoulderpad. heh...

Last thing what makes me bad are junctions... this one with thin shoulderpad and next with shield are really annoying. Just take a look.

Rest parts are tolerable, rest is really fine ;)
But in sum, GW should give a little of GreenStuff to every set of FineCast minis :)

I hope that in the future FineCast will be better, but now I miss fullmetal miniatures :(


And finally I will show you a little of my next project on eBay.
Do you know what will stand on that? :P

Soon more! :D



  1. Looks like there will be a lot of work preparing that miniature. Most other 'finecast' models that i have seen look the same (or worse!)

    Thanks for sharing

  2. When finecast was first released a pair of weeks ago, I went to a GW store and bought two blisters and a box, the jumpacked chaplain, the winged autarch and a box of dark reapers.

    I had to send them back... all of them.

    The chaplain had his hand torn off and the lower part of the feet and the rocks in which he is standing dissappeared.

    The autarch has the most bubbled wings ever, one side hasn´t feathers indeed.

    the dark reapers are almost perfect, except they lack the "things" on the sides of the helmet.

    So I thought, if we are paying more for the minis the minis should be perfect.

    (Post of this pending :) )

    Nice base by the way :D