Sunday, May 19, 2013

How I have painted Barbarian's skin.

Hello all!

Here you have paints list and little tutorial of Barbarian's skin :)

 Start from black base coat GW Chaos Black.

First layer: Black + GW Bronzed Flesh, 50%-50%
Next layer: The same mix, but 30% Black + 70% bronzed Flesh
Next layer: Bronzed Flesh + drop of Black + drop of GW Squig Orange + drop of GW Elf Flesh (it is strange I know, but I still learning paint skin and I do some tests :) ) and we have nice skine tone colour :)
Next layer: The same mix like before, but little more Elf Flesh.
Next layer: Again more Elf Flesh :) but highest will be 50% Bronzed Flesh + 50% Elf Flesh

Next Step we must do a mix of Bronzed Flesh and Black (50-50) and add a lot of water. We have to do a wash :) and with glaze technique we start doing shadows :) as many layers as you want :)

And we have something like this :)

 Elbow has just two layers :) first is glaze with Squig orange and next is glaze with Squig Orange + Elf Flesh.

Next step are Middleshades. I paint always with blue, purple, red and light brown (like Bestial Brown)
This technique showed me Bohun :) cheers buddy!

Just you have to do a wash with brown, wash with purple, wash with blue or turquise, and wipe some wash in middleshades, places between highlights and shadow.

You can find some middleshades on his back, blue, red, purle, can you see them? :)

 Nest step: Deep Shadow, Do a wash with only black paint and wipe some between muscles. But really gently :)
Last thing is highlight. I use Elf Flash.
 And we have something like this:

I still learn to paint skin, except faces I never painted before miniature with so much skin. It was a test but I hope it came out well :)

This is effect on white background.

Thanks for reading!
Soon new projects!



  1. thank you very much ;)
    very interesting :)

  2. beautiful work,
    it looks like frazetta's barbarians :)