Friday, August 10, 2012

Golden Demon Germany Cologne 2012

Hi folks! :)

I have a bus to the Cologne for 5 hours.
last brush touch, and we will see on GD Germany Cologne 2012!!!! :D

I have 3 entries, you will see them soon :)

see you there!! :)



  1. As one of my favorite painters I have been really looking forward to meeting you at this year's Games Day - but I did not :(

    You were not at the pre-GD-dinner, right? Maybe next year the polish painting community could join us? We had about 80 or so people from all over the world meet up a day before the GD. Check my blog for videos about the event ;)

    Hope to meet you some day. Keep on painting!

    1. Hi Zaphod,

      I really wanted to be there, but I had a lot of paint to do before GD, and I was at hotel and painted from 1pm to 7am next day...

      Next year I will be there even if I will not start at GD :)

      Today I will upload my works :)

      cheers! :)