Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello my friends!

I present you a Necromancer to Vampire Counts.
It was really great miniature to paint, and I'm really happy with the results.
This one will be on eBay soon!

Let me know what do you think :) and feel free to rate and comment him on CMON here!

I hope you like him :)

And pics on different backgrounds :)



  1. Definitely the black background. And I`m not a hude fan of the plinth - it`s to wide for my taste (and dirty :P). Interesting way to buid shadows. All in all, good job man!

    Cheers, Szary

  2. Awesome! I'm about halfway done with my necromancer and this has inspired me to finish (though mine won't look nearly as good). - Tim from Tampa, FL

  3. Thanks Guys :)
    @Szary: a plinth is dirty because it is for vampire :P but truly I know, I must buy a plinth for 20mm base... :)

  4. Brilliant! Great paintjob on cool model!

  5. Świetna robota. Model sam w sobie mi się podoba, a twoje malowanie dodało mu jeszcze więcej klimatu.
    A jeśli chodzi o tło, to zgadzam się z Szarym, na czarnym prezentuje się najlepiej.