Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello my name is Munny! :)

Hi friends!

My New Year's Resolution is new blog, whereabouts it be?
Just Check picture below :)

Ladies and Gentleman I present you Munny!

It will be new part of my painting hobby! :)
Soon first painted Munny!

And I wish you all a Happy New Year 2012!!!!!
Everything the best, many minis, and great time on partys today! :D



  1. Is this a paintbrush holder or an actual model? :)

    happy new year!

  2. Hi, its not a paintbrush holder, its my new hobby! :D Vinyl Toys! :D

  3. I've painted up two Munny's and reworked a 4" tofu head to date. I enjoy the change of pace that Vinyl Toy's offer and the chance to expand the mediums that I work with. I am in the midst of a new money as we speak. Any ideas on where you are going to take this Vinyl monster?