Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chaos Ogre "eye"

Hi my friends! :)

Long time no see! :D Today I finished my new mini. I was painting this one in free time betwen other minis :)

I really like effects on details like: grid on pants (but on pics its disappeared :/ )and eye on belly :D

Of course you can buy this one on ebay now! :D just click here!

You can also rate it on my CMON! comments are welcome!

and pics!

Cheeeersss all!!

And other background! :)


  1. Love the details, especially the Eye on the girdle. :) Keep up the awesome work :)

  2. hi, i love this mini, but the awesome^^!! greta job!!

  3. PRZEMO:
    Best of yours last times. Bravo! Like the whole work.

    But don't like horns colour and this blue stripe is to intensive. Other elements are great.