Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hi all!

Today I got a package from Figone. Two beautiful minis King Maulg and Einstein Bust. Both sculp from Allan Carrasco. I was painting King Maulg before and I know that mini is realy amazing, and now I know that Allan Carrasco is a indescribable artist, Einstein Bust is so great!!!

First what suprised me was a size of that bust!! Really big one! :D And ofcourse sculp with many details like great sculped eyes and goggles!

I can't wait to paint that bust, but first I have some commissions, but I want to paint that for Grey Seer Gorzów 2011 painting competition.

And here you have some pics.

Click to enlarge.

Merci Figone!!

Einstein Bust

King Maulg

I'm a realy big bust!

Cheers all!!

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