Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gold and Best of show and 3 times Silver Grey Seer 2010!

Hi all!
Last Sunday was a Grey Seer competition!
I painted for it El Torres, Avalonian Bust, and also exhibited Gandalf the grey and Ultra SM.
Finally I won Gold, 3x Silver and Best of Show!
Gold and BoS for El Torres - Large Model
Silver for Avalonian Bust - Open
Silver for Gandalf - Single Fantasy Model
Silver for Ultra SM - Single Sci-Fi Model
Big thanks for Slavol from Chest of Colors forpreparing competition, and for Illusionrip and Kacpero for rating and judge!
And thanks for Przemo and Sadziu who were with me!

Some pics below! :)

My Awards!

El Torres

Avalonian Bust

Ultra SM


Me and GP :)

Judges during rating,

Painting, painting, painting! :D

Cheers all!!!!

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  1. gratulacje ziomek... ;) el torres mistrz... jak to mowia jestes swoja najlepsza figurka... ;D